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Each week KLBC relies heavily on the work of volunteers giving of their time in the following positions: Head Cooks (1), Assistant Cooks (4), Nurses (1), Kitchen Help (4), Cleaning (2), and Maintenance (2). Click here to see positions we're still looking to fill.


If you have questions about volunteering with us, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Jenna Fitzpatrick, at  After June 1st please contact the camp at or by phone: (306) 577-4623.
Be sure to check out our “About Us” section and review our Volunteer Policy to familiarize yourself with what KLBC is all about.

Wondering what the different roles entail? Here's a brief overview:

  • Custodial:  This includes daily cleaning of all publicly used bathrooms, cleaning the volunteer lounge, motel laundry room, kitchen laundry, sweeping and mopping kitchen, sorting and cleaning lost and found and general tidiness around the camp.

  • First Aid: This includes being at registration to collect medication and any health concerns, medication administration, attending to first aid concerns, documentation of medication administration, injuries and treatments, and restocking first aid kits around camp.

  • Head Cook:  This includes preparing and serving meals from the designated menu, ensuring health regulations regarding food preparations, and delegating responsibilities to kitchen volunteers.

  • Assistant Cook:  To assist the head cook in the preparation and serving of food.

  • Kitchen Help:  This includes preparing the dining hall for meals, stocking supplies used for meal times, and prepping drinks for meals, as well as getting the dining hall and dishes ready for clean up, and cleaning dishes, pots, pans etc.

  • Maintenance:  This includes emptying of garbage and recycling containers around the camp, sweeping and mopping the dining hall, barbecuing, cutting grass and assisting with the maintenance task list.

We've updated our volunteer signup process. Please fill out an Application/Accomodation form here (or by clicking the button above). You'll need to create an account with Kamper (our registration software) if you haven't before. Select the 'Applications' tab and then fill out the Volunteer Application.

Based on the information we receive, we'll send you any further information required, including:

  • A request for a Criminal Record Check (for all 1st time volunteers and every 3 years for returning volunteers)

  • A Minor Release Form (for volunteers under the age of 16)

  • Information about our Early Years Program (if you plan to bring eligible children along when volunteering)

If you are looking for the form we ask references to fill out, you can find it here. Please mail it to the camp office or scan and email it to if you're unable to fill out the online form that was emailed to you.

Early Years Program


Wondering what to do with your kids while you volunteer at camp?

That's why we created our Early Years Program! Designed for children aged 2-7, this program provides a place specifically for them in the busy-ness of camp. It will be available to look after your kids from before breakfast to supper time, enabling you to bring the whole family to camp. Each week we hire 2-3 missionaries who will spend time playing games, teaching Bible stories, and making crafts together with your children.


Details and availability of this program are subject to change.

Volunteer Availability

2024 Volunteer Calendar

The table below details which positions we still need to fill in preparation for Summer 2024. As volunteers are scheduled we'll fill in the table so you have an up-to-date picture of our volunteer needs.

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