Each week KLBC relies heavily on the work of volunteers giving of their time in the following positions: Head Cooks (1), Assistant Cooks (4), Nurses (1), Kitchen Help (4), Cleaning (2), and Maintenance (2).


If you are interested in joining us for a week to volunteer please contact our volunteer coordinator, Jenna Fitzpatrick, at jennaleeheaman@gmail.com.  After June 1st please contact the camp at klbcoffice@kenosee.ca or by phone: (306) 577-4623.
Be sure to check out our “About Us” section to familiarize yourself with what KLBC is all about.


If you are a first time volunteer you'll need to complete a volunteer application form, provide three references, and a Criminal Record Check.

If you're under 16, we'll need the volunteer application form, references, and a completed Minor Release form.

Returning volunteers over the age of 18 need to provide a Criminal Record Check every three years.

Once you've signed up, you can complete the Accommodation form online below so we'll be ready for you when you arrive! Please complete this form by June 1st.

For 1st time and returning volunteers.

For 1st time volunteers.

For volunteers ages 15 and under.

For references of 1st time volunteers.

Early Years Program


Wondering what to do with your kids while you volunteer at camp?

That's why we created our Early Years Program! Designed for children aged 2-7, this program provides a place specifically for them in the busy-ness of camp. It will be available to look after your kids from before breakfast to supper time, enabling you to bring the whole family to camp. Each week we hire 2-3 missionaries who will spend time playing games, teaching Bible stories, and making crafts together with your children.


Details and availability of this program are subject to change due to Covid restrictions.