Dining Hall Project

The Backstory: In the last several years, we've seen a lot of positive progress in our facilities. Volunteer housing is vastly improved with the lodge renovation and the addition of the motel, the new chapel is completed, and even the pool has been redone. However the dining hall has seen better days and isn't able to accommodate our fuller camps...

The Plan: With a desire to be able to seat 250, we needed to expand the current dining hall. At the same time, we wanted to be able to host larger groups throughout the year. As our staff team has grown, we've also realized our lodge office is less than ideal. After throwing around many different ideas, we came up with the drawing you see below. We'll add 30 feet onto the parking lot side of the dining hall. The addition will contain a year round office and part of the new kitchen. The rest of the new kitchen will be in what was previously the storage area. What is currently the kitchen will then become additional dining hall space.


A conceptual blueprint of the new dining hall


The current dining hall layout

When will construction start? Because the kitchen will be unusable from the time this project starts until it is finished, we'll need to do this all in one 'off-season'. As such, we'll need all the funds in place before we begin construction so we can ensure the project will be completed by the next summer. So construction could conceivably start anytime from fall 2020 to fall 2022, it all depends on funding.

How much more money do you need? Without having done any real definitive work with contractors, we're estimating needing at least $300,000. We'll know more specifics after we figure out details with contractors.

How can I help? If you'd like to make a donation, you can click the button below to donate online. Or you can write a cheque to KLBC, put "Capital" in the memo, and send it to Box 217 Kenosee Lake, SK S0C 2S0. If you'd like to talk more about this project, you can call Brad, our Executive Director, at (306) 736-4226.

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